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Northwest Arkansas Landscape Design

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

You have the good fortune to live in Northwest Arkansas. The natural beauty can take your breath away. So you owe it to yourself to surround your home or workplace with beauty, too. Here's where landscape design comes in. OZ Outdoors Landscaping specializes in beautiful, livable landscape design.

What makes landscape design beautiful?

We've all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some principles that inform decision making when it comes to landscape design.

  • A great landscape should be appropriate for its setting. Your entry plantings should be suited to your home, your neighborhood, and the other natural features and spaces that are in your line of site when you see it. We use locally sourced materials and choose plantings with your micro-environment in mind.

  • Great landscape design should work for you. We like to create outdoor spaces people will enjoy interacting with. An ornate formal garden plan might look great while you stand and admire it, but if your outdoor spaces are used for barbecue, games of touch football, growing herbs, and morning coffee, your landscape should be adapted to those uses.

  • Landscape design, like any design, must include thoughtful proportions, balance, and unity. There are many different styles of gardens and plantings. There are different ways to plan lighting and to arrange outdoor furniture. But some of the foundational principles of landscape design are familiar from other visual arts.

Great design leads to great results

If you want beautiful landscaping, you need to start with a great design. But you also need to think about your budget, upkeep, and how the plantings will look over time.

It can be hard to visualize how your plantings will look through the seasons, as they grow and mature. OZ Outdoors can help you get from your dream to the reality, within your budget and the time you have available for caring for your landscape.

We can also provide ongoing services to keep your plans on track. From indoor and outdoor gardening to specialized services like landscape lighting and back flow testing, OZ Outdoors is prepared to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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