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Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing and Repair

Updated: Jan 27

The Ozarks are fortunate in having naturally clean water. The EPA reports that the Ozark Plateau Aquifer, where we in Northwest Arkansas get our drinking water, is the cleanest in the nation. However, when you have an in-ground irrigation (sprinkler) system or a swimming pool, you may also have a problem with backflow.

Backflow is what we call a situation in which the water from your swimming pool or sprinkler flows back into your drinking water supply. This can lead to contaminated drinking water.

Swimming pools are likely to contain chlorine and, let's face it, they sometimes contain e coli and other contaminants as well. Backflow from a swimming pool can contaminate drinking water for you and your community. This is why most states and many cities have backflow regulations.

Without these rules, we couldn't be confident of safe drinking water.

How can you tell water is contaminated by backflow?

Confidence in our drinking water requires testing. You can't tell by looking or, usually, even by tasting the water. And that is why you need to have backflow testing each year.

Backflow testing must be performed by a licensed contractor like OZ Outdoors.

If your water is safe, we will forward the report to your local authorities so they will know that you have complied with the requirement for backflow testing.

If there is a problem, we can fix it. We'll give you a solid estimate for the cost of the repairs and get them completed as quickly as possible. Then we will send along that report.

Questions to ask when arranging backflow testing

The most important question to ask when choosing a back flow testing professional is this: "Are you certified?" The answer should always be "Yes."

Contaminants in water can come from pesticides, animal feces, and even naturally occurring minerals. Disease like listeria, dysentery, and cholera can be carried by water. Modern infrastructure makes it possible for most of us to feel certain that our water is safe -- but that's only true when we all follow the procedures that are in place to protect public health.

One of those procedures is regular backflow testing. Maker sure you keep up with the required testing, and make sure that the person you hire to do your testing and repair is certified.

You should also ask whether your backflow professional can set an appointment with you to perform the testing at your convenience. If your devices are outside and the water is turned on to the system hat needs testing, you might be able to let your backflow professional do the job while you are at work, but make sure to discuss this question first.

In the same vein, ask what preparations you need to make for the visit. Depending on the system you have, there might be steps you need to take before your backflow tester arrives.

You can also ask the price. This can vary depending on your specific needs, but OZ Outdoors always provides excellent service at an affordable price. Contact us today to set up your appointment. That way you'll be ready for the warm weather!

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