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Updated: Mar 23

High Impact Curb Appeal Is Within Reach

If you’re getting ready to list your house for sale, or just looking to spruce up your home’s exterior, even small changes can have a big impact. Making home improvements for your own personal enjoyment can make your house feel warm, inviting and well-maintained; making fixes and freshening the appearance of your home before a sale can demonstrate pride of ownership, as well as give you curb appeal you need to set yourself apart from others. If you’re looking for more elaborate upgrades, the team at OZ Outdoors Landscaping are your go-to experts. In the meantime, check out these tried and true tips for making your home’s exterior look great.

Landscaping Upgrades

The landscaping in the front of your house is often the first impression people have of your home. In addition to fertilizing and watering appropriately, make sure that you trim your bushes, hedges, and trees to ensure both healthy growth, as well as to remove dead branches and debris. Careful pruning can make a big difference. Flower beds and borders can add a pop of brightness that attracts the eye. Decorative pots of creeping vines and hanging baskets of flowers and other greenery make a home feel warm and inviting. Add some exterior lighting and “up lights'' as a way to showcase all of your work. Need help bringing your vision to life? The landscaping experts at OZ Outdoors, LLC can help!

General Fix-Ups

If you take a stroll around the outside of your home, you're likely to find a number of fixes that need to be made. This could include repairing the molding around windows, painting shutters, power washing your siding, roof, and driveway, and touching up chipped or peeling paint. According to Better Homes and Gardens, you might find that adding a fresh splash of color to your front door and installing a decorative door knob or knocker, or even installing coach lamps can give the whole exterior of your house a fancy facelift. Many of these small projects can be done on your own.

Other projects may be out of the scope of your experience or ability, and that’s the time you’ll need to call in a local pro to do the job. One example is broken or cracked windows or window frames. You’ll want to make sure this type of repair is done correctly to avoid gaps in the seals, which can lead to drafts and leaks. Finding a window specialist is easy thanks to online service directories. Read up on customer reviews before reaching out to contractors.

Fences and Gates

Whether you have a traditional white picket fence or a retaining wall and gate, often a good cleaning and a quick coat of paint can give fences new life. If you're missing slats or have cracked or broken portions of your fence, it can make your entire property look like it's falling into disrepair. Hire a handyman or construction company to make some of these fixes, or do it yourself with the help of online tutorials.

Fencing can also be an important element of a home inspection if you're planning to sell, and is especially important if you have a trampoline, swimming pool, or other attractive hazard. Not only will the right fencing keep your own family and pets safe, a security fence is a “must have” for prospective buyers with young kids.

Managing Your Backyard

Even though prospective buyers, and even visitors, won't see the backyard of your home at first glance, it is still a reflection of your overall home maintenance, and as such, should be kept in good repair. It’s also wise to do a clean-up before taking pictures for an online listing. If you have a deck, patio, or pool, regularly maintaining the decking and repairing and repainting as needed can keep it in good condition. Even patio furniture, awnings, umbrellas, and other outdoor structures, like gazebos and swings, can become weather-worn, and should be replaced or repaired, particularly if you have regular guests, or you're showing your home.

Most small-scale home-improvement projects can be DIY or do it yourself. You can learn a lot from online tutorials, as well as buy products, supplies, and even rent equipment from local home-improvement stores. You’ll find that even small updates have a big impact.

If you need large-scale landscaping, home maintenance or repair, a professional can ensure the job is done safely and correctly. OZ Outdoors Landscaping is your full-service landscaping company. Reach out today for an estimate.

This article was written by Paul Denikin, thank you Paul.

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